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House Of Fandom

Characters Hanging Pictures Genshin Impact (Variants Available)

Characters Hanging Pictures Genshin Impact (Variants Available)

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Endure a painstaking journey through the magic infested land of Teyvat as you travel through the remnants of an ancient cataclysmic siege. These impeccably crafted Caharcters Hanging Pictures  from House Of Fandom are sure to captivate the emotions of the phenomenon that is Genshin Impact.

Property Options
Material Cotton / Polyester
Content Inside The Package Mentioned in the Variant (Please choose the contents of the package according to the variant selected)
Gender Male / Female
Region Shipping Time
European Union (EU) 5-10 days
Asia/Pacific 15-20 days
North America 7-15 days
South America 15-20 days
Australia 5-10 days
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Customer Reviews

Based on 7 reviews
Elyssa Grant

I got this for my cousin and she loved it !!^^ it's rlly good quality it might not look like it from my pics but it looks rlly cute

Houston Cassin

GET IT RN IT IS SO WORTH YOUR MONEY ^^!! I got xiao for my cousin and kokomi for me. there rlly great quality for 3 dollars each. there small but I got the smallest size so that's reasonable!! the seller was really ni
ce and I recommend buying from this seller. have a great day ^^ 💞

Elisha Moore

GET ITTT ITS SO WORTH ITT ^^!! I got the xiao for my cousin and kokomi for me. rlly great quality for 3 dollars and the seller was rlly nice!!🤑

Sophie Mills

it's cute but make sure to pick a character that'll look alright with an orange tint?!! 😭

The color is so entirely off

Her hair litterally looks blonde, or even ORANGE rather than pink
And all the purple accents turned blue.

A huge part of kokomi that I like is her design and it sucks that I can't see her pretty colors here.

The entire image is low quality and the colors are very off with a weird yellow/orange tint, it looks nothing like the picture. The whole image is just dull and not as bright, vibrant, and pretty as it shouldve and could've been. :(

I'm sad because the whole reason I picked Kokomi is because her pink hair matches my pink room, but I didn't know the color would be so messed up.

I added a photo the actual, official image for side by side reference.

I hope you can fix this issue, because if the color wasn't messed up I would 100 percent buy again. Thank you. 💕

Mara Hane

So awesome for the price