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Gaming Mouse Pads Collection-1 Valorant (Variants available)

Gaming Mouse Pads Collection-1 Valorant (Variants available)

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Whether you're a fan of the explosive Raze, the flick friendly Jett or prefer the calm and soothing playstyle of Sage, Valorant has a special place in the heart of every gamer. Immerse yourself in Valorant's amazing lore with this amazing Mouse pad that will definitely be an amazing addition to your gaming setup.
SizeVaries depending on the variant selected
MaterialNon-Slip Rubber
Region Shipping Time
European Union (EU) 5-10 days
Asia/Pacific 15-20 days
India 15-20 days
North America 7-15 days
South America 15-20 days
Australia 5-10 days
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Customer Reviews

Based on 10 reviews
Leda Walter

Cool, Big Mat. Complements the interior and is convenient in games, I recommend.

Filiberto Wintheiser

Very good! This mouse pad gave a buff in my gameplay.

Austyn Daniel

In the photo it seems that the image has no color but the opposite! Very big and good quality. It's very very pretty

Jakob Brekke

Good quality and stamping, highly recommended

Kathryn Rau

Excellent mousepad, offer bought it in time and received in less than 1 month to file Peruvian. Good material, remedial measures. The design is the same But the aid days it had gave off a odor plastic But since then passed smoothly, does not slide table or anything like that style.
(Will update after the first wash)