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Hutao Cosplay Rings Genshin Impact (Set of 6)

Hutao Cosplay Rings Genshin Impact (Set of 6)

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An overwhelming Pyro damage and a unique HP draining playstyle make Hu Tao one of the best DPS characters in Genshin Impact. It’s time to pump out a ton of damage to enemies with her Elemental Reactions and summon the game’s biggest prankster Hu Tao with these iconic Cosplay Rings !
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Material Cotton / Polyester
Content Inside The Package Mentioned in the Variant (Please choose the contents of the package according to the variant selected)
Gender Male / Female
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European Union (EU) 5-10 days
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Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Sean Bednar

Beautiful rings I love♡Package has arrived sooner than expected <3

Brown Towne

Rings are beautiful!! Some may be slightly large or small, but they can be safely pulled up. Inst self-promotion minute: me_so_te

Andy Harris

I LOVE THESE! Perfectly fine if you have big hands

Jaqueline Kuhlman

Very happy with this purchase, money well spent. The rings are adjustable which is perfect since Ive got baby/chubby hands. However the thumb and pinkie ring are a bit big. The item arrived quickly too which I am pleased about. Great quality, I recommend this product.

Olin Kuhn

OMG IT'S BEAUTIFUL! Fits perfectly to my fingers and easily adjustable! I was not expected to be this good considering the price! Delivery time is also considered as fast, only ~18D! Really satisfied! For others, i recommend to use cutting pliers to adjust the size, be careful though. If you accidentally broke it, a super glue will do the job perfectly. The biggest one is not adjustable, just pray it will fit to your thumb. Also seller should upload a pict for which goes where, this -can- be confusing though. Fortunately i found Hu Tao's 3D model and take a peek at her fingers and this is it. Thanks a lot!!!