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Posters Tokyo Ghoul (Variants Available)

Posters Tokyo Ghoul (Variants Available)

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Bring vicious flesh-eating 'ghouls' and your favorite characters from the dark fantasy anime Tokyo Ghoul to life. Let the anime fan inside you choose your favorite poster from this stunning collection.


Size Depends on the variant
Material Paper
Region Shipping Time
European Union (EU) 5-10 days
Asia/Pacific 15-20 days
North America 7-15 days
South America 15-20 days
Australia 5-10 days
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Customer Reviews

Based on 15 reviews
Leonardo Larson

Nice size and looks like the picture. Also came with poster stickers for you to put on your wall. Only thing I have a problem with is how dark the poster is, it’s not very vibrant but I’m okay with it. It looks good still.

Elmer Hahn

Excellent was just what I asked for and it comes with a few things to stick it I love thank you

Sterling Blanda

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Arlie Bernier

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Telly Wilkinson

i love them,i already ordered more and they came fast,i definitely recommend! they even came with the wall stickys!