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Ganyu Cosplay Costume Genshin Impact

Ganyu Cosplay Costume Genshin Impact

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Blessed with the blood of the qilin, the quiet and awkward Ganyu carries hereself with an auspicious grace.

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Material Cotton / Polyester
Content Inside The Package Mentioned in the Variant (Please choose the contents of the package according to the variant selected)
Gender Male / Female
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European Union (EU) 5-10 days
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South America 15-20 days
Australia 5-10 days
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Customer Reviews

Based on 16 reviews
Lucas Ebert

Honestly not the best quality, almost every clipper falls off 😂 I have to manually stitch every one of them to make sure it does not fall. And the size of this thing is interesting. The whole bodysuit is quite short while at the same time very big. But it is only $30ish what else I am expecting!? And it honestly looks very good if you ignore the discomfort 😂

Jarvis Fay

everything came on time. the body suit was small on me so i had to cut the feet so it would fit and the pads in it are lower that they should be and slip down when i push them to the place they should be but overall it is worth the price and really nice

Lavada Barton

Everything was beautiful! The suit was kinda small, the thing was on my low thigh kinda on my knee, but it was very nice! The other accessories were kinda big, and the wig was very nice but I expect more a lighter blue on the ends, it does not come styled. Ordered it on November 26 arrived Dec 20, it was said to arrive Dec 7-14, although it was late it was very nice! It came with a wig cap and a small note! The sleeves have a elastic band on the inside but it didn’t work too well and the fingers in the gloves were a bit long and a big small. LOVE IT!

Lenny Mills

This is literally SOO cute!!! Everythibg is good quality. I sized up one but it was a bit loose on me, so maybe going with a normal size would be okay?(I got an L but probably wouldve fit an M better). The sleeves slip off alot, but they're fine! I accidentally broke the little shoe tassle thingy, and the clip gor the vision. So you should be a little careful. Overall I love it so much!

Kaylie Bashirian

In general, good INST: parlament_vodka _