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House Of Fandom

Zero Two Kawaii Waifu Night Lamp Darling In The Franxx

Zero Two Kawaii Waifu Night Lamp Darling In The Franxx

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Casting aside the veil of uncertainty and the moniker of 'Partner Killer' that hung over her, Zero Two defied all odds to become humanity's strongest defense. The namesake veil of darkness makes way for the vivid shades of this awesome Night Lamp from House Of Fandom.

7 Color Variant

  • Simple controls
  • Operated with a touch button on the base
  • Switch between 7 with just a touch

16 Color Variant

  • Multi-feature remote control (included) + touch
  • Adjustable range, brightness, fade, flash and strobe
  • Switch between 16 colors
    Attribute Value
    Voltage 5V
    Package Included 1) 7 color without Remote - lamp, usb cable
    2) 16 color with remote control - lamp, usb cable, remote control
    Charge Mode USB Cable or 3*AA Battery (Battery Not Included)
    Light Source LED
    Light Guide Plate Material Acrylic
    Region Shipping Time
    European Union (EU) 5-10 days
    Asia/Pacific 15-20 days
    North America 7-15 days
    South America 15-20 days
    Australia 5-10 days
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    Customer Reviews

    Based on 8 reviews
    Katarina Boyle


    Austyn Kerluke

    Beautiful, if you put a long wire-it would be perfect Left Port (

    Greg Daugherty

    In perfect condition, I just opened it today and it's good quality, it's a little smaller than I expected, but still spectacular.

    Reid Hoppe

    Very good product, and very fast order.

    Candida Abernathy

    Double spring inside the battery compartment made putting battery hard, batteries in remote were dead whereas similar sellers send remote with plastic to keep battery charged.. Not upset nor happy with the item so won't be using seller again. 35 day delivery, Not trying to get refund and don't want to hurt reputation of seller so 4/5 is what I'll leave it at and wash my hands of them..